Who are these idiots?

Lanny & Scotty are two Tokyo-based Canadians who met in a (surprise!) bar in 2002. With a shared love of CFL & beer, it’s been downhill ever since.

Lanny (right) was born in Thompson, Manitoba & raised in White Rock, B.C. – when you consider this, it’s a wonder he turned out as well as he did.  A long time Bomber fan, he is an even bigger fan of the league and has a ton of CFL paraphernalia from various teams to prove it.  Then again, it could just be he’s a hoarder.

Scotty (left) was born & raised in Midale, Saskatchewan.  He left Canada in 1992 for a backpacking trip in Europe and somehow never found his way back to Canada.  He missed the American expansion years and to be honest, he still isn’t sure if Lanny is just messing with him about that or not.  Shreveport Pirates…really?

These two have wound up on Japanese TV on a few different occasions, the most recent being a show that featured foreigners who are well known in and around their neighbourhoods for a variety of reasons.  They were featured because they were known by name by every bartender/waitstaff in the area.  Needless to say, their parents were so proud.

Collectively, these two have been in Tokyo for over 40 years so you would expect them to be fluent in Japanese…

You would be wrong.